Niagara Falls by Night

As you may probably notice, I am, among other things,  fascinated with everything related to water.

Some fun facts about Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls consists of three waterfalls: the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls (smallest) and the Horseshoe Falls (largest). It is a product of ice age and it is about 12 thousand years old. It is estimated it took only few weeks for the formation. As every fall it moves backwards thanks to erosion. With about five kilometers in 12 thousand years it is one of the fastest moving waterfalls in the world.

It’s height is about 54 m (21 m effectively due to loose rocks in the river base) with flow of 3000 tons per second on average. Almost 20 percent of world’s fresh water (it is largest system of fresh water on the Earth’s surface) is stored in the Great Lakes and about 80 percent of it is flown over Niagara Falls. This mass of water falling downwards produces noise of 95 decibels what can be compared with a noise by a rock concert.

niagara falls picture

Flow varies. It is also partially regulated by authorities and is greatest during summer months. Large percentage of this power is used by hydro electric power stations. This is the place from where first alternate current was transferred on long distance (in 1896). In the winter Niagara Falls can freeze and form so called ice bridge which can be several miles long and more than 20 m thick.

Niagara Falls attracts about 12 million tourists from all over the world. It also attracts many adventurers and stunts. Many tried to go over in a barrel or similar ‘equipment’. Some survived and some not. There were also several tightrope acts performed across the river including the longest walk without support in 2012. Apart from the falls the area offers wineries, restaurants, hotels, casinos and a convention center, golf course, shopping malls…

All in all… It’s a spectacular place to visit and they say in we have only about to to fifty thousand years before it disappears!

Better early than never

Old year is slowly dying and new year is knocking on the door…

fireworks at yokota japan

This beautiful firework celebrates friendship among two countries, two nations, but we can say it can also symbolize clearing everything old and making space for new things, new events, new friends. New year is one of rare opportunities when almost everybody in the world takes a minute, stop whatever important is he or she doing and maybe even contemplate a bit about the past.

While I am not huge fan of fireworks, I can still enjoy in their majestic beauty on special occasions. And this is actually what life is all about, isn’t it? Series of very special moments with periods of waiting…

Here is to the future, my friends!


I can smell snow!

Yes, it is coming. Winter is almost here, winds are blowing, it is time for jackets, hats, scarves and other necessities…

I can already smell snow.


When it is cold, I prefer staying inside, drinking hot tea (sometimes with a sip of rum inside, don’t tell my wife), reading a good book or watching a movie, surrounded with comfortable pillows. While I like to see a beautiful snowy landscape, I prefer to experience it through the (closed and well insulated) window.

Hot days are more appropriate for me.

What about you? What kind of like winter activities do you prefer? Building an igloo or snowman? Good old snow fight? Skiing, sledding, skating? Catching snow flakes with a tip of your tongue?

Winter can be beautiful but as far as I am concerned, long sunny days suit me better. If you are a bit more active, please, make a snow angel for me too:)

Water: life, purification, truth

Water always fascinated me. I am sure I am not alone in this. Just check the photo below and you’ll know what I mean!


Yes, water is really special. It is symbol of life, what can’t be surprising. We can’t imagine life without water, right? It is also symbol of purity. Many religions incorporated water in their rituals and in a way we can really say we are never the same when we leave the water then we were before we entered it.

Water is also symbol of truth. It is clear, transparent and it reflects everything in vicinity. It is fascinating when we look at it because it can look so calm and so dangerous at the same time. It is highly flexible, can reach the unreachable places, soft and patient but can demonstrate extremely devastating power.

Love it or hate it, you really can’t do without it. I can watch at a stream or the ocean for hours and having great time. What about you?

On Vacation or Holidays: This is the Question!

It has been a while since I posted here, time is flying and we are not getting younger… The good news? Sun is still shining, wind is still blowing and the ocean is still wide open:


Sailing is very similar to flying

Some people say riding a motorcycle is the closest experience to flying a man can get without wings.  Maybe. But what is sailing?

I think it is pretty close or maybe even better. Think about open space. Sky above and sea all around. How much better can it be? Of course you need a company. Most things are even better if they are shared with somebody (just make sure you share at least two bottles of drink!) and sailing I no exception. Safety should be considered too (like most of other things done in pairs…)!

I’m back and kickin’, this blog is still alive and I hope we’ll share a lot of beautiful things in future. I don’t know if you prefer vacations or holidays, but wish you have somebody to share them with.


What to do on a hot day?

I know, I know, not so long ago I was complaining about winter persisting way too long and when spring finally arrived (with sun, flowers and allergies), it was only a matter of time to find another reason to make some new complaints.

Well – it is too hot already!

too hot

Not too hot for me. Yet…

It is a part of the human nature not being satisfied. Ever. It keeps us going I guess. Weather and politics will always give us enough reasons to complain and to find guilt for whatever we want somewhere else.

But on the other a hot day is a perfect excuse to not do anything at all without feeling guilty.

Or we can do something we should do anyway but we didn’t because we were doing something more important (just not remembering what exactly).

So what to do on a hot day?

– Call an old friend and arrange nice meeting. With a beer maybe. Or a nice Mojito, if you prefer something more exotic. Maybe even more Mojitos

– Relax. Grab a book and read a good story. Life is full of great stories, fiction, non-fiction, it doesn’t matter, as long they inspire and make the read a better person. We all can use some kind of improvement, I suppose.

– Change location. Explore something new or visit a place with great memories. Life is all about changes and memories and finding a balance between old and new.

What do you say?

What will you do on a hot day?


Pyramids are signature signs of Egypt but we can actually find them everywhere in the world.


What mysteries are they hiding?

When I see a pyramid, I can see tremendous project. There have to be hundreds and even thousands of people involved in this kind of work.

I have heard all sorts of theories about pyramids and can’t say how much truth is behind them. Somehow I believe they always carry some mysteries inside. Well, not only inside inside, but sort of stories behind the stories. Think about logistic problems connected with building, getting the material, workforce and, if I hear right, personal tragedies of people who were buried with pharaohs…

Just a mere look at the magnificent structures makes us wonder what are we, as human race, really capable to create. Beautiful, impressive and sometimes pretty spooky stuff!

This image was found on Pixabay. When I got a chance to make some photos of pyramids on my own, I’ll certainly add them here. I hope with my personal story behind them…