Blanche McManus and Pictures of French Castles

I have already made a post about vintage cottages in England to prove England is not only London. Well, today I would like to show you France is not only Paris. We’ll take a little journey through space and time with a little help of Blanche Macmanus (1870-1935), American illustrator who made many illustrations for travel books (mostly written by her husband Milburg Francisco Mansfield, who used pen name Francis Miltoun).

I decided to share some beautiful color reproductions of her paintings of castles in France and additional scenery from historically well known and important spots which are still far from being popular among instant tourists. Castles are inspiring as always, pictures are beautiful and I hope you will enjoy in our little trip.

First set of paintings comes from the book Castles and Chateaux of old Touraine and the Loire Country, published in 1906 in Boston by L. C. Page & Company. Text was written by her husband.








Second set of paintings present eight French castles from the book called Castles and Chateaux of old Burgundy and the border provinces. The book was published by L. c. Page & Company, Boston, 1909, and it was written by Francis Miltoun, as well.









We will conclude with eight more pictures in color, again reproductions of paintings of Blanche McManus, this time from the book Royal Palaces and Parks of France, again written by Francis Miltoun, again by L. C. Page & Company, Boston, this time from 1910.









I hope you get my point:) France can offer much much more than Paris and Euro Disney. Cheers!

Is the journey more important than the destination?

We often say ‘The journey is more important than the destination.’ At first it makes sense. We are accustomed to setting goals. They keep us going. And going. And going …

photo of steam train

Not only WHERE, it is also HOW!

Unfortunately setting new goals (and chasing them) all the time can pan out pretty bad in the end. Why? Because in the end we run out of time!

If we focus only on destinations (goals), we miss all the beauty the path can offer. So it is journey which counts the most, right?

Not exactly.

Without goal we don’t have a motivation to start a journey. Without destination there is no path. It can’t be. Journey is always defined with a goal. Even if it changes and we achieve something completely different than we intended in the first place. Even if we never achieve the original goal. Yes, it’s the gold medal in the end of competition, but only memories from the path (trainings, friendships, adventures) will count in the long term.

A medal can be stolen much easier than the journey, so choose your path wisely and stop thinking about your goals only. Take moment to enjoy the path as well. It’s great to have dreams. Future without dreams is not worth mentioning. It’s even greater to have memories. Our past consists from memories only. They are the only proof of our existence.

But all in all we only have the present. Right here. Right now.

Don’t miss it.

Set your goals. Enjoy your path. Have a great moment!

Our World is a Beautiful Place!

There are days when it is not easy to stay positive, so I decided to open a blog where I can share pieces of beauty with random visitors. World is not always nice and friendly but we should learn to enjoy what we can get not mourn something we don’t have.

I hope you will find and enjoy some beauty with me. World has so much to offer!

I will use only public domain photos from services like Pixabay. Header of this blog is work of tpsdave, who also made many more astonishing photos. Thanks for making our days better!