What to do on a hot day?

I know, I know, not so long ago I was complaining about winter persisting way too long and when spring finally arrived (with sun, flowers and allergies), it was only a matter of time to find another reason to make some new complaints.

Well – it is too hot already!

too hot

Not too hot for me. Yet…

It is a part of the human nature not being satisfied. Ever. It keeps us going I guess. Weather and politics will always give us enough reasons to complain and to find guilt for whatever we want somewhere else.

But on the other a hot day is a perfect excuse to not do anything at all without feeling guilty.

Or we can do something we should do anyway but we didn’t because we were doing something more important (just not remembering what exactly).

So what to do on a hot day?

– Call an old friend and arrange nice meeting. With a beer maybe. Or a nice Mojito, if you prefer something more exotic. Maybe even more Mojitos

– Relax. Grab a book and read a good story. Life is full of great stories, fiction, non-fiction, it doesn’t matter, as long they inspire and make the read a better person. We all can use some kind of improvement, I suppose.

– Change location. Explore something new or visit a place with great memories. Life is all about changes and memories and finding a balance between old and new.

What do you say?

What will you do on a hot day?