Pyramids are signature signs of Egypt but we can actually find them everywhere in the world.


What mysteries are they hiding?

When I see a pyramid, I can see tremendous project. There have to be hundreds and even thousands of people involved in this kind of work.

I have heard all sorts of theories about pyramids and can’t say how much truth is behind them. Somehow I believe they always carry some mysteries inside. Well, not only inside inside, but sort of stories behind the stories. Think about logistic problems connected with building, getting the material, workforce and, if I hear right, personal tragedies of people who were buried with pharaohs…

Just a mere look at the magnificent structures makes us wonder what are we, as human race, really capable to create. Beautiful, impressive and sometimes pretty spooky stuff!

This image was found on Pixabay. When I got a chance to make some photos of pyramids on my own, I’ll certainly add them here. I hope with my personal story behind them…


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