Ulm Cathedral

It is still cold outside, so I will present a photo from inside. This building is not an ordinary one. This is photo of one of the towers in Cathedral of Ulm, former tallest building in the world (on the edge from 19th to 20th century). This photo can be found on Pixabay and is made by LoggaWiggler.

Tower of Ulm Minster (Cathedral)

Tower of Ulm Minster

Let’s make things straight. Ulm Cathedral is not really a cathedral. It is Ulm Minster. This means it is a church, but despite its impressive size it has never been a seat of a bishop.

But who cares?

It is a magnificent building, still the tallest church in the world and with more than 160 meters of height with a panoramic platform about 140 metres above the ground it surely offers unforgettable view on city, Alps and Danube. If you manage to visit Ulm and the weather is clear, climb those 768 steps and seize the day!

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