Sunset trees

Beautiful photo of trees in winter sunset comes from and it is in public domain.

sunset trees

Trees in winter sunset

I have already showed one beautiful sunset, but this one is different. Less typical? Maybe. More mystic? Certainly!

It is not a perfect photo in my opinion. It should not be cut off at the bottom. But it still posses certain captivating elements. I like the colors, not really usual in nature, but very attractive and particularly effective in this combination. This combination is combination of life and death, pretty appropriate for cold winters when nature show its mot cruel side and for sunset with all symbolic power.

Yes, I like the colors.

And I LOVE the texture of trees. Considering we don’t have the bottom part of the photo, they look like floating lines and curves, perfect for some sort of background of imaginative graphic projects. Maybe something abstract, maybe not. Don’t know who had taken this photo. I do know he or she did a great job with sunset trees. Thumbs up!


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