Sunset trees

Beautiful photo of trees in winter sunset comes from and it is in public domain.

sunset trees

Trees in winter sunset

I have already showed one beautiful sunset, but this one is different. Less typical? Maybe. More mystic? Certainly!

It is not a perfect photo in my opinion. It should not be cut off at the bottom. But it still posses certain captivating elements. I like the colors, not really usual in nature, but very attractive and particularly effective in this combination. This combination is combination of life and death, pretty appropriate for cold winters when nature show its mot cruel side and for sunset with all symbolic power.

Yes, I like the colors.

And I LOVE the texture of trees. Considering we don’t have the bottom part of the photo, they look like floating lines and curves, perfect for some sort of background of imaginative graphic projects. Maybe something abstract, maybe not. Don’t know who had taken this photo. I do know he or she did a great job with sunset trees. Thumbs up!

Image of Earth from space

Yep, image of planet Earth from space is one of best possible views we can ever see. It’s also an image most of us will see only on photos. Thanks to NASA policy about their documentation we can find many great images of planet Earth viewed from space in public domain and this is one of their finest.

Enjoy this beauty!

earth from space

Planet Earth from visitor’s point of view

We can easily see why Earth is called Blue planet and we have to admit this view has really calming effect. Looking from this perspective we can’t see any of the problems going on, the problems caused by the dominant species called Homo sapiens.

It really doesn’t look we posses enough power to destroy this beauty with a simple push on the button… We just need the right maniac in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It really doesn’t look so many beautiful forms of life sharing the same planet (the only planet we will ever have) are already exterminated with more to come in next few years. Not only sharing the beauty but contributing to it too.

Looking on planet Earth from space is looking on perfection caught in a fragile sphere with mysterious marbled pattern (caused by the moving atmosphere). I love this image of Earth from space!

What about you?

The silence of the ice

Snow and ice could change a landscape into impressive scenery. Even dirty old town’s streets can become beautiful for few hours… I found this jewel on Pixabay (made by Simon) and this icy place is apparently suitable for climbing too!

Land covered with ice and snow

The land of ice and silence

I am not much into adventures. I prefer sitting in comfortable place and drinking a hot tea with friends, but this photo took my breath away. This place looks so peaceful and soothing, it probably creates permanent memories. When you see it once, you want to keep it and cherish it for long long time.

Looks like time stopped right here, right now, in the land of Snow Queen and Father Frost?

We should never forget to take some time for ourselves. This beautiful place is perfect example time can be stopped. Just for a while. Just for you.